SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd.

SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in oil spills and their control. The company's four professionals have a combined experience in oil and chemical spill matters of more than 100 years. Since 1980 the company has performed over 500 major studies.

Particular areas of expertise include:
Evaluation and design of countermeasures equipment, materials and techniques
In situ burning
Development and review of contingency plans, equipment needs and training programs
Arctic oil spill control
Research and development of environmental impact assessment methods
Impact assessments associated with marine oil transportation and production activities
Field and laboratory research on the fate and behavior of oil and chemical spills
Computer modeling of oil and chemical spill behavior and fate
Environmental studies using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Training course development and delivery
Expert witness and consultation for litigation
Chemical oil spill dispersants: planning, decision-making, and training
Oil spill sensitivity mapping

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