In Situ Burning

In situ burning (ISB) of marine oil spills continues to be a major area of interest and activity at SL Ross Environmental Research. After many years of research and debate, ISB is finally being recognised as a valuable response tool. Laboratory and field experiments on operational aspects and smoke emissions have led to significant advances in obtaining regulatory approvals for burning. This level of acceptance has been facilitated by the considerable amount of ground-breaking research and development in ISB by SL Ross.

To date, the company has completed more than 50 in situ burning studies in the areas of:

SL Ross staff have been actively involved with industry efforts to promote ISB, such as:

SL Ross staff have authored many reports and papers on ISB and have consulted as experts in several recent litigations involving ISB.

In addition to ISB, the staff of SL Ross have a large amount of experience in using combustion as a disposal technique in remote environments. They have developed and field-tested a number of heli-transportable flare burners for the disposal of fluid oils and emulsions, reciprocating kilns for the disposal of oily sediments and incinerators for the disposal of combustible oily debris.

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