B.K. Trudel, Ph.D.


Dr. Trudel is a leading authority on the environmental effects of marine oil spills and the treatment methods of dispersant-use and in situ burning. He is experienced in developing decision-making systems for these two techniques and in educating regulators and spill managers on the issues involved. He has developed a two-day training course on the subject of oil spill dispersants and delivered variations of it since 1982 to numerous groups in Canada, the U.S., and other countries. His development of the MIRG/SL Ross oil spill impact system for the Gulf of Mexico and the dispersant training that he provided to Gulf state regulators in the late 1980s were instrumental in making the Gulf region the most progressive area in the country regarding dispersant-use approval procedures.

Dr. Trudel was involved in writing the recent MSRC 400-page treatise on the in situ burning. He is currently involved in SL Ross in situ burning projects that have an environmental component (such as the study for MSRC on the sinking of burn residue) and is a member of the Oil Burning Committee to which MMS, Environment Canada and other key agencies belong. For the above-noted MSRC report, Dr. Trudel was responsible for coordinating aspects related to the effects of burning on human health and the environment, and on developing a decision-making tree and rationale for the technique.

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