Evaluation of Countermeasures to Respond to Oil Spills

A major line of business activity for SL Ross is evaluating spill countermeasures preparedness and ability for specific areas, and making recommendations to upgrade existing capabilities to acceptable levels. Engineers at SL Ross are eminently qualified to provide such advice, with over 100 years of combined experience in oil spill control methods and the completion of over 40 major evaluation studies for numerous government, oil company and industry spill response co-operative clients with marine oil production or transportation responsibilities.

Assessment methods used at SL Ross employ a highly quantitative approach involving analysis of detailed spill scenarios based on the client's oil spill risks and concerns. Our methodology is first to estimate what the cleanup efficiencies might be, assuming the operation were to involve best-practicable, state-of-the-art capabilities used efficiently under the prevailing spill and environmental conditions. The process is repeated by considering the existing or desired capability. By quantitatively comparing the two cases, correctable deficiencies are identified, leading to recommendations on equipment and vessel acquisitions, contingency planning and training.

There is a high degree of client satisfaction with the SL Ross quantitative approach to countermeasures capability assessment. Compared with traditional qualitative approaches it is an objective assessment that can provide a rational and defensible basis for equipment purchase decisions.

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Last updated: June 7, 2011
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